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Historic Hotels of Europe Annual Awards

Esperas Santorini Hotel Award, 2015

Aigialos Santorini Awarded Most Romantic Hotel

Aigialos Hotel, Santorini

"Most Romantic Historic Hotel"

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Fodor's Awards 2013 Kapsaliana

FODOR'S Awards 2013

Proudly Awarded the Local Characters Award

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Santorini View from Suite, Esperas Hotel Oia

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from your private Suite

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Yades Romantic Hotels Greece

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Welcome to Yades Greek Historic Hotels, the evolving collection of the finest independent boutique hotels and manor houses of historical interest throughout Greece!
We have selected for you only the best of Greek Accommodation and Hoteliers. Our aim is to provide you with a relishing hospitable experience to explore the cultural, heritage and historical tourism of Greece though a stay at the Yades small iconic, charming and secluded hotels and houses. All the hotel partners of this collection are selected because they offer an experience rich in emotions, they have their place in history, and offer a true taste of the Greek cuisine, for the Perfect Greek Vacation

Our concierge reservations team is always available to help you with your travel planning and introduce you to the region's history and traditions. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

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